Polyurea Coating – High Quality Resistant Coatings

Polyurea is basically a kind of polymer which is obtained from the reaction of an organic resin ingredient and an artificial resin ingredient during step-growth polymerization process. The artificial resin is generally called as polyurethane. The polyurethane which is obtained by this polymerizing process is known as polyureas. Polyurea can be either aliphatic or aromatic in nature. This polyurea has a great versatility and can be used both in the industrial and household context. Polyurea can be extensively used as it does not have any major chemical reactions with other materials.

It is widely used as an insulator and prevents sound from travelling through it. Due to its physical properties, polyurea is used as sound proofing, anti-corrosion, vibration dampening and anti-tarnish material. It can also bear ultraviolet (UV) light, heat, acid, alkali, urethane, and any kind of chemical. It is mostly used as a foaming agent in the soap making process.

Polyurea coating technology is also increasing due to its high flexibility, low viscosity and resistance to oxidizing and scratching. As compared to other types of coating, polyurea market is growing with tremendous pace as more industries are utilizing it for various purposes. Coatings of polyurea are available in different forms such as liquid, spray, foam, and sheet. Most of the coating products are polyurea based and include both thick and thin films. They are also available in various thicknesses as per the requirements of different industries.

Coatings of polyurea provide several advantages over other types of coating. Polyurea has high levels of mechanical and chemical resistance. It is a perfect coating which is resistant to any kind of harsh chemicals such as alkalis, acids, solvents and alkaline chemicals. It can bear pressure up to 1500 psi under normal working conditions. If you want your coating to bear excessive pressures and temperatures, then polyurea coatings are not the right choice for you.

Polyurea has excellent thermal conductivity level which makes it an ideal coating for products which are sensitive to high temperatures and extreme temperature fluctuations. Its high level of thermal resistance allows products and materials to have a longer shelf life. The resins of polyurea are light in weight and are not affected by moisture. This is one of the major reasons that polyurea is widely used for various products, such as concrete, rubber and plastic and foam.

Polyurea coatings are able to resist extreme changes in temperature and high humidity. This ensures that the coating will not lose its structural integrity or ability to resist abrasion, chipping and cracking. It is able to maintain the gloss appearance of the material on being exposed to natural air. This is very important for products which are used in the food and beverage industry. In addition, polyurea‘s ability to resist moisture from seeping into the surface makes it the best coating for roofing and flooring applications.

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