Concrete Crack Repair Versus Concrete Reinolding

Sealing cracks in concrete is not necessarily cut-and-dry; however, there is a full line of concrete repair products for homeowners and concrete professionals alike with no-fuss easy application. From penetrating crack repairs to sealing coatings, Concrete Repair experts will help you make the best product choices to meet your unique needs. Whether you need coating for your driveway or garage door, need crack repairs or concrete sealing, contact a professional Concrete Services company for fast and efficient service.

Many homeowners spend thousands of dollars repairing cracked and damaged concrete cracks each year. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not understand how to properly seal and repair cracks. Often times, homeowners make the wrong choices when choosing a Concrete Repair product, which leads to costly failure. Often times it is the wrong choice, because the wrong coating was chosen for the area of the crack, and the coating was either too thin or too thick. The Concrete Repair Company will use their expertise to advise you on the best choices for your situation.

Cracks and other concrete repairs require different approaches for repairing different cracks and damages. The Concrete Repair process includes: Cracking Incisions – This process involves removing small portions of the crack to create a more impervious surface. Scratches and chips are then filled with a high-quality Concrete Restoring Mix (CRM), and a new crack is created. Cracks and Spalling – The process of spalling is the replacement of a smaller crack with a larger crack that creates an impervious surface. For example, if there are two small cracks at a 30-degree angle and one larger crack at a forty-degree angle, the larger crack will be “sprayed” and filled with a higher quality Concrete Restoring mix (crack resins) to create a larger crack that will withstand weathering and still provide a smooth surface.

Concrete Crack Repair can include: Hairline Cracks – These are small and straight vertical cracks at a distance from the ground. Epoxy Floor Sealing – These are small hairline cracks between two epoxy concrete panels. Spalling – This is the opposite of hairline cracks. It is a series of cracks and openings in a material that is similar to wood framing. Concrete spalling is a very common problem when working on basement or crawl space floors, and is often caused by improper installation of the concrete panel. Improperly sized holes, cracks and gaps in the Concrete Restoring product can often cause unwanted spalling and additional floor cracks.

Concrete Repair is a specialized service because the concrete repair process addresses the repair of larger defects and larger cracks than would be addressed with traditional methods. It also includes the repair of cracked and broken Concrete Panels with additional techniques and products that improve the overall quality of the coating. Most epoxy products contain a resins compound that forms a protective coating over the concrete and prevents further damage. Concrete Resurfacing and Concrete Reinolding are other popular Concrete Repair techniques. Resurfacing is the act of removing the top layer of a Concrete Restoring coat and replacing it with another similar coating, while concrete Reinolding is the act of creating a new bond between previously damaged Concrete Coverings and newly repaired floor or wall surfaces.

Most contractors also perform a Concrete Repair inspection before the start of any repair work to ensure the most effective Concrete Covering and Epoxy Floor Repair. Most homeowners know the importance of having a quality coating on their Concrete Walls and Basements. However, many do not understand the importance of doing a regular inspection and coating maintenance to maintain these valuable investments. Many homeowners believe the professionals know everything there is to know about Concrete Repair and recommend these services without giving them any detailed information. This can be a costly mistake, if you choose to hire the wrong Concrete Repair Company.

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