Polyurea Bedliner Truck Bed Liners – Best Quality Truck Bedding For Your Big Truck

Polyurea spray coating is a high performance drying coating that can withstand harsh weather conditions. It is made from a polyurea liquid concentrate, along with other additives like argon, krypton, or nitrogen. When spraying polyurea, the liquid is injected into mold cavities using a jet of water. The polyurea is then dried to form a thin, thick film. Polyurea coating can be applied to just about any surface. It can be used on almost any material that can be sprayed like paint or fluid.

polyurea coating

Spray polyurea protective coatings comes in various thicknesses and coatings. The thickness is based on the application and expected application. Thin polyurea coating is great for sealing and protecting the inside of metal tubes. Polyurea coating works well for repairing leakages under the hood of a vehicle. Spraying polyurea liner on your roof will help keep out the sun and moisture, while giving your roof a clean finished look.

Polyurea coating is made through a cold process where resin, thermoform, and polyurethane is mixed together. The thermoform makes a mold of the entire exterior surface, while the polyurea formulation adds the polymer to the mold. After the mold is formed, this mixture is injected into cavities and cooled to make the hard surface. As a result, the polyurea coating is very hard and durable, able to withstand damage, wear, and abrasion.

Polyurea coating can be sprayed on virtually any surface, and it’s especially popular in truck bed liners. The polyurea coating can harden and shield the steel from abrasion, preventing cracking and chipping. A tonneau cover with a polyurea coating is a very economical and durable way to protect your truck bed. Polyurea is also a popular material for truck bed liners because it has an almost photographic finish that you can look forward to seeing over time.

The polyurea coating can be sprayed on, and its physical properties allow for a hardening process that creates a protective film that is almost identical to mineral oils, waxes, and other similar substances. This film is made up of polyurethane and isocyanate. What makes polyurea so unique is that isocyanate a reaction between the resin and the polyurethane isocyanate is much stronger than any known chemicals. This means that when this chemical reacts with heat, the polyurethane becomes brittle and can withstand tremendous heat, such as that which occurs when the tailgate is closed after the car has been left running for several hours. When the tailgate is opened, the resin and the polyurethane are mixed, with the polyurea coating acting as a heat barrier. The coating is strong enough to resist most impacts, but like anything else, it will wear off over time.

However, unlike other coatings, polyurea has a regenerative property that allows it to not only withstand heat and impacts, but it can also rejuvenate itself. Through the years, as the polyurea coating has developed, it has become possible to coat flatbed trailers with polyurethane. These polyurethane coated trailers provide an extra layer of protection against the elements while freeing up valuable space inside the vehicle. This allows a more aerodynamic load area that can improve fuel mileage, along with a decreased need for air conditioning. For the trucker who wants the best of both worlds, polyurea bedliner provides a durable, low maintenance bedliner that outperforms its foam counterparts on many fronts.

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