How Do I Become A Polyurea Applicator?

Polyurea spray coatings provide incredible properties to fragile structures within seconds. If you’ve never heard of it, a YouTube search will show Styrofoam coolers, watermelons, Dixie cups, and many other things indestructible by polyurea by simply “spraying” them with this substance.

Polyurea is an extended-chain elastomer made up of isocyanates and amines that form urea compounds at the intersection of their joints. The most important thing to note is the fact that there are lengthy molecular chains with strong bonds that join by a chemical called “urea.” There are many bonds; hence “urea” is the “poly” portion of its name. One advantage of the chain of molecules that are so long and intricate is that they can be held firm and absorb plenty of energy. They also can shift between interlinking bonds to extend.

While specific formulations might vary, they are easy, often stronger, and often more flexible than epoxy. This makes the material deliberately strong and flexible at the same time. These compounds achieve 6000 psi tensile strength and up to 800% elongation before breaking with certain blends which achieves over 250,000psi strength! For comparison, steel has a tensile strength of only 65,000psi. And all of this from a spray coating!

How can this be useful?

You can essentially spray a flexible, waterproof coating with the strength of steel onto any shape. It’s hardened within seconds and cures to full strength within hours. There are no VOCs. Some recently formulated polyurea-based materials are even self-healing at room temperature – this is on a molecular level, meaning they can repeatedly heal in the same place.

The military took note. The compounds are utilized in military vehicles and structures to improve protection and reduce shrapnel of roadsides (or submerged) bombs without adding much weight. This is something that the Army, Navy, and even the Pentagon have benefited from.

Become A Professional Polyurea Applicator!

ArmorThane is the leader in the polyurea market. With over 30 years in business, ArmorThane has set itself apart and ahead of others in the industry. As a worldwide leader in industrial protective coatings, their pro applied pure and hybrid polyurea formulations are incredibly tough, flexible, and safe. They offer an entire line of top-quality polyurea coatings, name-brand spraying gear, machines, and supplies. ArmorThane has evolved through the years to become the top polyurea and polyurethane chemical and equipment supplier worldwide.

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