What Are the Physical Properties of Polyurea?

Polyurea is generally a polyurethane foam mixture that is manufactured from rubber, urethane, and/or epoxy resins. It is typically mixed with water to produce the thick, viscous foam of polyurea. The polyurea that is produced contains free radicals and other harmful byproducts of manufacturing that may adversely affect your health.


Polyurea has been used as a fire retardant and heat reflective substance for more than 50 years. Polyurethane is also a kind of elastomer which is derived from a chemical reaction between a isocyanate element and a synthetic polymer mixture component during step-growth polymerisation. The isocyanates can either be aromatic or non aromatic in nature.

Polyurethane is extremely durable and safe to work with. It is able to resist chemical reactions and is a very robust building material that can take a lot of punishment without showing any signs of wear. Polyurethane is available in both liquid and solid forms. Most polyurethane products that you see on the market are in liquid form. If you want to use the elastomeric versions then you will need to make sure that you have liquid polyurethane.

Polyurethane is used in many industries and because of its high durability and safe usage practices it has become very popular in the automotive industry. Because of the nature of polyurethane foam it is known for resisting chemicals and water/mildew. A major benefit of coating is that it creates a strong seal with the garage floors thus eliminating moisture transfer. This will decrease the risk of rust and corrosion because the garage floors will be less prone to damage.

Polyurea coating can also be used to protect your concrete garage floors from weathering. It works by creating an effective barrier between the concrete and the moisture that can seep through. Because of the durable nature of polyurea coating it will not peel, crack or peel over time. The coating is also resistant to fire so there is no need to worry about fire and heat damage.

There are many benefits to a coating system such as this but the main consideration should be durability and safety. One important feature of this type of product is that it has a high R-value which means that it is more resistant to breakage. Another benefit is that it will provide protection against ultraviolet rays. Your concrete coating system will be more durable if it is sealed properly therefore you may need to have surface preparation done before installing polyurethane.

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