The Benefits of Polyurea Coating for Your Truck Bed Liners

polyurea coating

The Benefits of Polyurea Coating for Your Truck Bed Liners

Polyurea Spray coatings are becoming more popular in today’s trucking and trailer applications. Polyurea is made of rubber polymers that are durable, resistant to wear and tear, and are resistant to sunlight, chemicals, and heat. Durability. Polyurea is an extremely tough material with a superior level of thermal resilience, which makes it perfect for tough working conditions such as truck beds. It’s also chemical and water resistant.

Temperature tolerance. Polyurea coatings are designed to withstand heat and are therefore water and chemical resistant, even under extreme temperatures. It will not melt, or expand, when exposed to fire or high humidity. It also provides excellent resistance to salt spray, salt clouds, ice, snow, and moisture vapor. Polyurea coatings can be applied over an extended temperature range with no loss of structural integrity. Polyurea has no significant effect on the performance of aluminum or steel components, especially at elevated temperatures.

Corrosion and rust resistance. Polyurea spray-coated metal components have been found to resist corrosion from acid and alkali withstanding temperatures of – 500 degree Fahrenheit. This means that polyurea can be safely used for hot-dip galvanized fittings, cold dip galvanized fittings, and cold dip galvanized screws. This feature makes polyurea the ideal polyurea liner for bed liners.

Low density. Polyurea coatings are typically thicker than conventional foam, and much thicker than polyurethane foam. This allows polyurea coating to provide a more consistent bead size, providing an almost effortless compatibility with various bedding materials. Further, polyurethane and polyurea coatings are often combined in the same formulation to enhance product performance. For example, some combination of ethylene polyurethane (EPDM), polyurethane (PE), and polyols is often used to improve thermal performance, thermal shock protection, and hardness.

Polyurea liner durability. The extreme weathering and salt spray that your truck bed liners face can take a toll on them. Polyurea coatings are much harder and more durable than traditional foam bed liners. Additionally, polyurea coatings resist most chemicals that liners are frequently exposed to, thereby improving overall truck bed safety. Further, polyurea coating is much easier to clean and resistant to most acids, which makes it an ideal polyurea coating for protecting your truck bed liners against engine deterioration, moisture buildup, and mechanical damage.

Polyurea coatings are available in a number of different applications. For example, polyurea coating is often applied to bumpers and side skirts to enhance overall vehicle safety and reduce the overall frequency of vehicle damage and accident occurrence. Some polyurea coating products may also be used in high-wear areas, such as engine cases, transmission cases, and carburetor case seals. Regardless of the application, polyurea protective coatings have proven their value in both military and commercial settings, which makes them a worthwhile investment for your fleet.

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