Polyurea Coating Products Are the Ultimate in High Pressure Hot Spray System Applications

polyurea coating

Polyurea Coating Products Are the Ultimate in High Pressure Hot Spray System Applications

Polyurea spray coating offers high-quality polyurea coating, which is produced by a physical chemical reaction between two different components. These coatings are multidimensional and serve a variety of purposes, spray on bedliners, roofing coating, pavements, and roads to name a few. The polyurea coating is resistant to many of the elements that we face on a daily basis. For instance, it can stand up against chlorine and salt water along with most acids and alkalis. Also, it’s able to provide some measure of protection from the UV rays of the sun as well.

What really makes polyurea coating so beneficial is the fact that the component itself, polyurea borate, consists of a combination of isocyanates and amines. The primary component of polyurea is isocyanate. Amine is another component, and this is mixed in with the polyurea borate to produce the finished product. Typically the combination of these two chemicals is referred to as polyurea. However, there are instances where only one isocyanate is included in the composition. This is referred to as polyurea monomer.

There are two primary reasons why polyurea has been used for a variety of purposes. The most common reason is to create a thin layer of protective coating on otherwise smooth and shiny metal surfaces. In these instances, the protective coating will not interfere with the normal functioning of the automobile. Additionally polyurea spray can be used on products such as beds, chairs, table tops, windshields, mirrors, and so on. In the automotive industry polyurea spray is often used to apply automotive paint to the exterior of bumpers, wheels, fenders, tires, and other parts of the vehicle.

The durability of polyurea products is directly related to their concentration level of isocyanates and amines. High concentrations provide a more rigid surface which is far more durable than lower concentrations. These formulations are also more difficult to remove from the surface. As a result polyurea coating products have very long shelf lives. Additionally, if a high quality formulation of polyurea is used on a solid surface, the surface will remain undamaged even when subjected to a variety of pressures and temperatures.

Additionally, the polyurea coating products are flexible and will not crack, blister, or break under any condition. This feature makes them ideal for use on a wide range of rugged and impact resistant surfaces. These materials will not crack, flake, or break even under the worst conditions and provide the best overall protection for any type of surface.

When selecting a high pressure hot spray coating system it is important to work with a formulator that has an excellent track record of providing excellent customer service. Formulators should provide both samples and guaranteed workmanship. Formulators should be able to answer all questions regarding coating systems and should be able to recommend a product that has been specifically designed for your applications. With a thorough understanding of the coating system and its properties, as well as a full understanding of its application, a formulator can make the best recommendation for your job.

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