Polyurea Coating for Concrete

Polyurea, a polyurea resin that is used for a variety of applications is made out of silicone (or sometimes urethane). It is also referred to as’spandex’ due to the spongy texture that the material has when dry. Polyurea is commonly used in cosmetic products, but there are other commercial applications as well.


Some of the most common uses of polyurea are for cosmetic products such as making handshakes and high heeled shoes. Other products that use this material are flooring, linoleum and concrete. This is because the material has many advantages over other materials that can be used for these purposes. One of its most important selling points is that it is able to provide both excellent water resistance and excellent slip resistance. It is also flexible enough to be spun into foams while still providing very good hardness and compressive strength.

Polyurea has been in use for years in the construction industry. It is often used as a barrier between the ground on which the concrete is laid and any external flooring. The coating blocks moisture from seeping into the concrete and also acts as a cushioning layer to reduce the noise from walking over the concrete. This helps to keep the floor dry and prevents buckling of any flooring underneath it. The polyurea coatings also make cleaning of the concrete much easier than it would be with other materials.

In the automotive industry polyurea coatings are used in the flooring of bumpers, as well as many other applications. This material has excellent impact resistance properties that are ideal for applications where vehicles are driven on asphalt surfaces. Because it is water resistant, polyurea is able to prevent water from seeping under the vehicle and creating damage to the subfloor.

The coating is also effective against ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet rays are powerful antioxidants that can attack almost any acrylic product. A material with good impact resistance and excellent tensile strength is necessary in an application such as bumper coating. Also, the coating is an excellent conductor of heat, making it great for areas where there is high heat exposure, such as in an auto body shop.

Polyureas coatings are also available in flat polyurea flakes that are used for cleaning or making molds. These flake coatings do not have a glossy appearance like the rolled and compressed versions. These are excellent for applying to smooth concrete surfaces because they leave a very high gloss finish that can resist oil, grease and moisture penetration. Polyurea coatings can be used for both exterior and interior applications to provide excellent friction and abrasion resistance as well as protection against UV rays.

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