Does Polyurea Coatings Quickly Dry?

polyurea coating

Does Polyurea Coatings Quickly Dry?

Polyurea spray coating is the new and improved option for the coating of metal surfaces. Polyurea polymers are made from rubber polymers. This polyurea is often mixed with Teflon to create an extremely hard and durable coating that is UV and impact resistant. Polyurea has many industrial applications that make it highly useful in many industries such as shipping, agriculture and the defense industry. Polyurea also has many cosmetic uses such as on window panes and ceramic tiles. But polyurea coating is not just a shiny surface coating it can have many other beneficial characteristics.

High Durability. Polyurea is an extremely hard and durable material with an extremely high level of conformability, making it perfect for tough working conditions such as truck bed liners. It is also chemical and water resistant.

Temperature Reliability. Polyurea spray coating is temperature resistant up to approximately 500 degrees F. This means that it will not change in its composition, color or plating pattern during application. This means that the polyurea spray coating will stay the same look for a long time, even under harsh driving conditions, such as salt spray, acid rain or extreme heat. Polyurea spray coating can also withstand chemical attacks, preventing the coating from bubbling or cracking.

Spray Coating and Low Maintenance Polyurea coatings can last in the truck bed liners for many years with minimal maintenance and cleaning. Polyurea spray coating does require a little bit of cleaning to keep it looking good, but because of its water resistance and flexibility, there is very little need to clean it unless you plan on changing out the protective spray or other additive to protect your truck bed liner from the elements. Polyurea spray coatings are also resistant to ozone formation, so they will not prematurely age.

Polyurea products are applied to truck bed liners using a brush, roller or sprayer. After the polyurea coating has been applied, it must dry for at least 12 hours or be replaced if it becomes wet. The drying time for polyurea coatings varies based on the thickness of the coating and the type of coating being applied. The coating thickness varies from one polyurea coating product to another, but most typically, thicknesses range from a quarter of an inch to three inches. The polyurea coating dries fairly quickly, usually in about half an hour. The coating does not need to be thoroughly dry, but it does need to be evenly wet.

Many truckers and truck buyers have asked the question: does polyurea coating dry quickly? Answer: yes, it does dry fairly quickly. If you are using a sprayer or brush to apply the polyurea coating to your pickup truck bed, you can get the coating completely dry in about an hour. You may not see a difference in the finish after it dries, but many customers have noticed a dramatic difference in their finish over just a few hours of applying the polyurea coating.

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