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Concrete Crack Repair

Concrete Repair

When it comes to concrete crack repair, perhaps the old saying size matters most certainly applies here as well. Even small hairline cracks (less than the width of a dime) need some high quality siliconeized polyacrylic plastic caulk and fast scrape with a putty blade for easy penetration! If you have a larger crack( larger than a dime), then a thick clear epoxy coating will most certainly provide the best results, however, this is an application most commonly seen in commercial applications. In our residential homes, we are more likely to use a penetrating, water-based penetrating sprayer which can be obtained at many of our local home improvement stores.

The cracks and openings that develop in your basement due to excess moisture, age, and/or weathering, are the perfect candidates for a Concrete Repair Kit. When properly prepared, these repairs and replacements can provide years of service and save a great deal of money. Many do-it-yourself kits contain all of the materials needed to perform the Concrete Repair Coating services. These kits can be purchased for general maintenance purposes, or other specialized concrete crack repair or replacement needs. No matter what the needs or situation, a quality Concrete Repair Kit can ensure the repairs and replacements are done right.

One very popular type of Concrete Crack Repair is called decorative concrete repair. As the name suggests, this type of Concrete Repair is done primarily to enhance the beauty of the surrounding area. There are several different techniques used in decorative concrete repair and many different ways in which these techniques can be applied. Most decorative concrete repair methods involve staining or painting the area in order to create a beautiful, durable, and attractive finish. While these decorative concrete repair techniques can provide a great deal of aesthetic benefit, they can also provide necessary structural soundness.

Another popular method of Concrete Repair is called siliconized acrylic latex crack repair. This form of Concrete Repair usually works well when small cracks or openings have developed in the concrete. The cracks may be shallow or wide and in any case they may appear at places where light can’t penetrate the concrete. This is because light penetration doesn’t allow enough heat or energy to be integrated into the concrete when it is formed. Siliconized acrylic Latex can be applied to any number of problem areas including but not limited to: ventilation cracks, roof gaps, plumbing drains, fireplaces, sump pumps, foundation cracks, patios, walkways, driveways, and all other areas that require crack filling in order to seal the area and prevent further cracking. While this form of Concrete Repair does fill the cracks to a certain depth, it usually requires the assistance of a professional sealer in order to prevent damage to underlying materials or to add additional decorative benefit to the area.

Concrete Repair using epoxy resins is one of the most popular Concrete Repair techniques preferred by professionals. With the proper equipment, the correct materials, and the use of a chemical-free, biodegradable product like epoxy resins, this form of Concrete Repair can significantly repair any type of hairline or shallow crack. Epoxy is usually applied over a crack using either a brush or a roller or a mechanical injector, and then the exposed area is sealed with an adhesive. In a few days the new Concrete Repair surface will be ready for use, typically within four hours.

Concrete Repair should only be performed by licensed technicians. Improper application of any Concrete Repair product could lead to damage to underlying concrete or structural support structures. If you notice any cracks or other damage on your slab, it is important to call a contractor to take care of the problem right away. A professional Concrete Repair contractor has the equipment and the knowledge necessary to perform Concrete Repair properly and safely.

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