Concrete Repair – How to Reinforce Cracks

Concrete Repairing is a key component of construction and any structure that is constructed must be properly maintained. Even though most people think of concrete as a cold, wet and hard substance that can take punishment without response, the truth is that concrete needs care and attention just like any other material. Without proper care and maintenance concrete structures will begin to crack under load, weakening the foundation that supports the structure. Then when the structure begins to fail under the pressure of wind and weather the weak spots will become obvious. Repairing small cracks is much easier and less costly than repairing large cracks.

One of the most common forms of concrete repair involves concrete crack repair coating. Cracks in any structure are an eyesore and detract from the beauty of the surrounding area. Small cracks can be repaired with concrete repair coating while larger cracks require larger pieces of coating. The coating is a protective system that works to fill in the void left by the opening damage.

Concrete crack repair techniques often include the use of a barge, which is simply a piece of equipment that has a bed on the bottom and is used for lifting and positioning damaged Concrete. Barge techniques are more cost effective and do not require the need to site heavy machinery. There are different types of barge lifts such as boom lift, self-leveling boom lift and low-water boom lift. Barge lifts are available with a full assortment of accessories including water, cable or electric hoist, stabilizers and accessories. This type of Concrete Repairing is preferred over other types of Concrete Repair because the repairs do not require the placement of concrete slabs.

Concrete is also used in the facilitation of various building projects. Concrete can be used on foundations that are being built or reconstructed. It can also be used on existing structures to help prevent further cracking and deterioration of the structures. Concrete is also used on bridges, airports, tunnels, parks, sidewalks and many other structures. There are many reasons why concrete repair is essential to the functionality and maintenance of the various structures that utilize it. All of these applications require structures that are strong and can withstand the weight that will be placed upon them.

As mentioned earlier, Concrete Repairing is essential to the functionality and maintenance of various concrete structures. In most cases this involves the repair of cracks, holes, stains and faded areas that have developed over time. There are two different ways that repair material is reinforced by professionals; either through the use of an external reinforcement such as steel rebar or by using internal reinforcement material such as concrete. An example of a structural application where the use of an internal reinforcement material is highly recommended would be where a concrete slab has been cracked due to extreme weather conditions and severe pressure.

Once cracks have been repaired they must be dried before sealing them. Drying allows additional time for the sealant to properly bond with the surface. It’s important to always follow all of the manufacturer’s directions when it comes to Concrete Crack Repair; proper care should be taken not to let any water penetrate the cracks or depressions.

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