An Overview of the Polyurea Market

Polyureas are a revolutionary synthetic polymer which is being widely used in many industries due to its amazing benefits. Polyurea has emerged as a world class adhesive for a variety of applications. This is the main reason polyurea has emerged as one of the basic ingredients in a wide range of polyurea injectibles and sealants. Further more polyureas are also used in the manufacturing of protective coatings, paints, sealants, cushions, linings, gaskets, pumps and other components.

Polyurea has unique physical properties, due to which it plays a vital role in both industrial and household applications. Polyurea is an extremely hard, durable and elastic type of elastic polymer which is derived from a by-product of the mixing of a resin-based ingredient with a n-type polyurethane component during step-growth polymer production. The n-type polyurethane component can either be aromatic or non-aliphatic in nature.. Due to its special physical properties polyurea has the ability to form a protective coating on all types of substrates and excel at various surface preparation steps.

Polyurea has an amazing ability to form a protective coating on almost any type of solid surface. Due to its moisture resistance ability polyurea has found wide applications in the automotive and transportation industries, as roofing and flooring coatings, in the paper and pulp industry, as packaging powders, as protective coatings for railway cars, trucks, buses and boats. It can also be used for quick setting polyurethane products, polyurethane solutions and quick setting marine gaskets. The polyurea coatings and solutions have immense advantages over conventional moisture resistant sealants, as it not only provides superior physical property coverage, but also sustains a higher degree of thermal resistance. As a result, polyurea products are highly flexible to suit various application needs, including high speed manufacturing, cost reduction, consistency in applications, quick set process, flexibility of quick setting process, and reduced maintenance needs.

Polyurea is also effective against heat, moisture, wind, acid, and corrosion. Its unique properties such as high flexibility, low density, and moisture resistance make it ideal for use in a wide variety of industries, including roofing construction and roofing maintenance, concrete manufacturers and repair services, asphalt manufacturers and concrete contractors, flooring manufacturers and contractors, chemical manufacturing and related services, automotive industry, marine industry, packaging industry and food processing industry. In addition polyurea has the ability to prevent and reduce the adverse effects of aging and deterioration of concrete structures by improving their structural integrity and protection against external stresses. Its unique ability to form a durable and attractive coating on all types of concrete makes it an ideal solution for improving the appearance of aging and deteriorating concrete structures.

With the increasing need for fire resistant coating in various applications, polyurea is being used for protection of concrete structures, which is being adopted by a large number of industries worldwide. The use of polyurea for this purpose is highly beneficial in the areas of building construction, petroleum refineries, and marine applications. Moreover polyurea is becoming more popular with concrete manufacturers due to its high strength and elasticity that allows it to be applied as a fire-proof coating. It is widely accepted in the building and construction industry due to its benefits of resistance against moisture, abrasion, impact, chemicals, and corrosion.

Polyurea has low moisture absorption rate due to its fine porosity, which means that it does not allow moisture to seep into its coating, thereby making it ideal for applications where it is applied in high concentrations. Polyurea is available in both powder and liquid form and it has high resistance against abrasion, heat, moisture, impact and corrosion. This ensures that the polyurea market will remain as dynamic and competitive as ever.

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